Professional Home and Commercial Property Inspection


Secure your investment with unbiased professional home inspection

Home Inspection

A home inspection is a limited, non-invasive examination of the condition of a home. It is often in regards to the pre-purchase or the pre-listing of a home. The inspector prepares and delivers a written report of the comprehensive inspection.

Commercial Inspection

The commercial inspection covers a wide category of inspections. This includes technical topics, business issues, the scope of work, fee quoting, proposal, report writing, cost estimating and risk management.

Consultation Service

Other home or commercial consultation services include:
-Proper Ventilation
-Bedrooms to Living Area to Kitchen
-Interior and Exterior
-Structural and Foundation
-Plumbing and Heating
-Roof and Eavestrough
-Electrical Inside and Out

Damage Inspection

20/20 Inspections does more to prevent problems before they start. We also provide a complete check on issues, such as, previous damages, issues relevant to northern living, winterability, water penetration, landscaping, windstorms and flood preventative measures.

About Us

Servicing all over Northern British Columbia for more than 30 years

20/20 Inspections was founded by Martin Hoffart in 2009, and he has been doing residential and commercial inspections for property owners around Northern British Columbia. A Carpenter by trade, Martin values integrity and honesty with proven results. You can expect the most comprehensive advice and consultation based on more than 30 years of experience, all for the lowest price possible. Martin is a certified Home and Property Inspector (License #49599) and is familiar with potential issues that are common in the area.

With 20/20 Inspections you will get a detailed, fast, easy and reliable inspection report sent via email, or printed on site. 20/20 Inspections uses Experienced Journeymen from all fields including Electricians and Plumbers to make sure that your inspection is perfected.

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